Saturday, February 3, 2018

Vocabulary Dice Activity

This past week we introduced a Vocabulary Rock & Roll game to our class, and they loved it! It was a fun way to review our vocabulary words and it kept every student engaged. After seeing how much the kiddos enjoyed it, I knew I had to share it! Hope you enjoy! 💗

For ours, we had the students work in groups of two at their tables, but this can also be played whole class. Students wrote each of their vocabulary words on a slip of paper, folded it and placed it in a paper cup. We had them play for 1 minute rounds, however you can definitely increase or decrease the time alotted depending on the age group and difficulty of the terms.

Students also enjoyed the fact that they got to write on their desks throughout the game. They kept track of their points there, and also wrote or drew on them depending on the task chosen. I've included large and small versions of the task and rule cards here. I highly recommend using large dice for this game, because they're just more fun. 😊 You can grab the ones I use here.

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